Advertising, transactions, fraud and data security services.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best full service classified ad technology platform for our customers.

Company Overview

Website Technologies, LLC provides technical platforms and payment services world wide for marketplaces from its international headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company specializes in classified advertising and card not present transactions using best-of-breed technology and sophisticated fraud and data security services.

Our content platforms are scalable, support highly dynamic content, and are optimized for the user experience regardless of the device. A level one PCI platform reliably supports high volume transactions and automatic fraud screening both prior to and shortly after an authorization.

Additional services include tokenization, multi-currency capability, cascade, reconciliation, and customized reporting. In addition to our own classified ad brands, we support classified advertising sites and transactions for dozens of white label classified sites. These sites are provided for other media companies including television stations and newspapers.